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Mar 2, 2021

Are you ready to see things differently? In this episode, Liza interviews Kristin Smedly, a relentless optimist. Kristin is a two-time best-selling author, TEDx speaker, advocate, and co-creator of Brilliantly Resilient. She is also the mother of three kids and two of them are blind. Kristin shares her story of how her then three-year-old son helped shift her mindset. At three years old, her son saw the world to be a joyful and beautiful place. She also talks about the need for tools and access, and how extraordinary and remarkably capable her sons are today by having the right tools. Most of all, Kristin reveals how her children helped her become the mother she always wanted to be, by prompting her to ditch the hopes and dreams she had for them and allowing them to build their own dreams and future. Listen to this episode and start seeing things in a different way.

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